Unique hurricane transition close to Europe

By reaching Category 3 intensity hurricane Ophelia has become the strongest hurricane ever observed so far in the east in the Atlantic Ocean. We could even observe the eye as close to the western European shore as never before. Above all, this hurricane underwent so-called transition to the common midlatitude cyclone. This process can be […]

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Harvey will likely be the most expensive natural disaster in US history, but there is another threat on the way. Tropical cyclone named Irma is moving from west coast of Africa toward North America and is still strengthening. Up to Tuesday Sept 5th it has reached maximum intensity of category 5 with sustained winds […]

Another severe thunderstorm outbreak over Slovakia

A thunderstorm developing in vertical wind shear is quite rare in Bratislava, especially during the summer season. However, this year has brought us many of them, for example on Sunday 27th August. The 12:00 pm UTC Vienna sounding (approximately 60 km from Bratislava to the west) shows moderate CAPE and a very low CIN, despite […]

Bow echo storm system over Slovakia

There were many interesting thunderstorms during this year season in Slovakia but the biggest one hit the western part of the country in the late evening hours on August 10th. The large Mesoscale Convective System (MCS) developed over Slovenia close to the sharp temperature boundary and very quickly moved to the north with the speed above […]

Lake-effect snow

  • February 6th, 2017
  • Weather
  • peter.benovic

The most fabulous circulation setup of this winter in the Central Europe was the very cold air outbreak around January 6th. Temperature at 850 hPa level reached -20°C above Poprad aerological station, which is a very rare value within the last 25 years.As the cold air flows to the south over the Baltic Sea, temperature […]

Vertical wind shear in the tropics

  • December 16th, 2016
  • Weather
  • peter.benovic

According to theory, the most typical circulation difference between mid- and tropical latitudes is there is almost no vertical wind shear in the tropics, i.e. there is the same wind speed and direction with the height. However, situation is much more complex in the reality. Nice example of the tropical weather complexity is the Southeast […]

Can polar cap air reach the opposite hemisphere?

There are lot of meteorologic variables and many of them are very advanced, but still, we are able to obtain key information just from a single parameter. If we are familiar with the parameter’s natural background, the only trick is – visualisation 🙂 We choose a dew point today which is – by definition – […]