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Working at IBL is different

Our portfolio includes products that are used by meteorological offices around the world. As such, the area of meteorology provides lots of opportunities to not get bored because you will get in touch with things that you just cannot meet anywhere else. Do not worry that you are not a meteorologist; neither are we. But we make tools that ease the daily life of those real meteorologists and they will be forever thankful to you.

Software products that we develop are complex meteorological systems deployed at meteorological offices, airports, military bases and private companies. Most of this software is designed to run around the clock, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To make sure it will run smooth and flawless is a challenge on its own. But we accept that challenge, over and over. Just imagine that feeling, looking at the sky, watching planes fly around, and knowing that based on the weather forecast made with the help of our software, they can fly safely.

Users of our software literally come from around the globe: UK, Germany, Brazil, Malaysia, Australia, USA and many more we span all continents (yes, including Antarctica). The best part of it is that you can actually get a chance to visit these places, because sometimes our developers travel to the customer sites to perform site surveys, attend meetings, or assist in installations.

Joining our team is a rare opportunity to work for a world-class company, to regularly meet smart people and to learn all the time about new and new things. Well, what are you waiting for?

What do our employees say?

I always wanted to work with people who are smarter than me. Now, I work with smartest ones. IBL employee

What has in common meteorological service in UK, Brazil and Slovakia? They use my software. And not just them. IBL employee

Fair and kind – “just right-minded” boss and acceptation of private matters of employee. IBL employee

Pleasant work environment and motivating team. IBL employee

Available job positions

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Software Developer C++/Python

Do you think a software developer is someone who boringly spends days adding petty features into that behemoth of a software that no one really understands and dares to touch? Who endlessly tweaks printed outputs to satisfy those grumpy customers? Who is constantly overwhelmed with reported bugs so that there is hardly time for doing the “real” work?

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Support Engineer

Have you always though that IT support is this boring old job where you spend days explaining grumpy customers over and over that no, they should not have clicked that button and yes, this form can be printed in multiple copies? The support we provide is not a semi-automatic drill according to corporate manuals. It is rather a creative process to determine the actual cause of a customer’s problem.

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Web Developer

We are looking for a web developer with experience to develop a modern client-side (front-end) web applications with dynamic content provided by back-end web services.

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Technical Project Lead / Requirement Analyst

Software products do not grow on trees. Nor are they conceived out of nothing. There has to be a demand, there has to be someone going to use the product, and that someone usually has a pretty good idea what they need done. Unfortunately, between the idea and its realization there is a vast space of misunderstandings, different angles of view, changed minds, etc. In order that we can make this space as small as possible, we need people that will patiently listen to the customer, try to correct him if he is wrong, sort out all the threads, and in the end put together a comprehensive specification (or, perhaps, we could say, a “design”) that developers can transform into a working code.

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