Web Developer

This job gives an opportunity to:

  • Develop front-end part of our existing and new web applications and web components based on HTML5 / CSS / JavaScript / Angular
  • Implement form-based web applications with client side validation
  • Implement graphical visualization of weather or climate information
  • Help us with selection of appropriate web technologies and frameworks
  • Collaborate with people from other teams, with UI designers and with our customers

We are looking for people with:

  • Professional experience with development of front-end web applications at least 1 year
  • Advanced experience with AJAX-based content delivery from external web services (JSON RPC, REST, SOAP or others)
  • Experience with programming in JavaScript, we welcome knowledge and experience with ES6 or TypeScript
  • Good knowledge of HTML5 new tags and technologies like video, canvas, web storage, drag & drop, geolocation, web socket communication
  • Good knowledge of HTML/CSS and experience with resolution of incompatibility problems in various web browsers
  • Experience with responsive design (Bootstrap), basic graphics manipulation, fonts, icons
  • Experience with development of single-page applications
  • Knowledge of some modern client-side web framework (like jQuery, Angular, Angular 2, React.JS, Ember, …) and willing to learn new ones
  • Ability to solve web security issues, like authentication and authorization, XSS, CSRF, code injection, double form submission
  • Knowledge of some tools related to the client-side web development – package managers, module loaders, transpilers, polyfills, CSS / JS preprocessors, minifiers (for example NPM, WebPack, Common.JS, System.JS, Bower, LESS/SASS/SCSS, Babel, TypeScript, etc…)
  • Working experience with git (or other source control system like SVN, CVS, TFS)
  • Reading/writing skills in English