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Information for Visitors

How to reach Bratislava ?

Flying to Bratislava Airport
There are direct flights to Bratislava from several European cities, mostly operated by Ryanair. Only London Stansted and Dublin fly daily, all others fly only several times a week or during high season. It is worthwhile to check though, there are some surprising connection that may suit your needs and the airport is very close to our office (less than 5 minutes by car) and we will be happy to pick you up or arrange a taxi.

Flying to Airport Vienna – Schwechat
Vienna Airport (VIE) is only 50 kilometers away from Bratislava. This is a large international airport, so you will have connection from any part of the world.
The bus journey to Bratislava only takes 60 minutes, there are frequent connections (every 30 minutes during the day) and they are not expensive, below 10 EUR. When you arrive at the airport, just walk out from the arrival area and you will see the bus stands ahead. A monitor near the door has an information about the departure times and the bus stop numbers. The services are run by several bus companies and you can also buy the tickets online beforehand, but you can just buy them directly on the bus as well.  

  • Flixbus: note that this terminates down-town Bratislava
  • Slovak Lines or Eurolines: these both have connections that go to the Bratislava airport, if you want to arrive nearby our office instead of downtown
  • It is possible to book the taxi from Bratislava to pick you up at the Vienna Airport which is a bit cheaper (around 40 EUR) than to get a taxi at the Vienna airport after arrival. Let us know and we can book this taxi for you.



There are two hotels that are walking distance from our office, both are nice (as far as our other visitors told us):

Click for map showing the walking route from hotels to the IBL premises.

However, you will be further from the city centre, so if you prefer to stay in the centre and take some transportation to the office, you will find a wide range of options in the city, including AirBnB apartments.

How to reach our offices ?

From Bratislava Airport
Call a taxi: there are taxis available at the airport, but they are more expensive than regular non-airport taxis, so even if you decide not to ask us for pick-up, consider arranging a taxi instead of using the airport taxi.
Use public transport: Get a ticket valid for 15 minutes (0.70 EUR) and take bus 61 or 96 to Avion Shopping Park. It is less than a 10-minute walk to our office from the bus stop: click here for a map with walking directions.

Taxis in Bratislava

Bratislava has Uber, Bolt and Hopin, so if you have one of these apps, this is the best choice by far.
In comparison with other European cities the Bratislava taxis are cheap. But be careful since the drivers often overcharge foreigners. Our recommendations:

  • It is much cheaper to call a taxi by phone, than just take a taxi from the street.
  • We will be happy to assist you with this, sometimes the operators do not speak English.

Some taxi companies:

  • Fun Taxi tel. +(421)(2) 16 777
  • Trend Taxi +(421)(2) 16 302

Public transport in Bratislava

Bratislava has a quite well-developed public transport system (although no underground). You can use buses, trolleybuses and trams (more info at the Public transport website).

Tickets are available at machines at some of the stops and at the newsagents. You cannot buy tickets on the bus/tram. The price is a bit tricky, because it is based on the total amount of time travelled which may be difficult to assess for visitors.

  • 15 minutes: 0.70 EUR
  • 30 minutes: 0.90 EUR
  • 60 minutes: 1.20 EUR If in doubt, buy this one as it is sufficient for most trips within the city.
  • Day ticket: 3.50 EUR Get this one if you want to spend a day sight-seeing without worrying about the ticket.
IBL Software Engineering
Galvaniho 17/C
SK-82104 Bratislava
Slovak Republic
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