Vision and Mission

In the beginning there was a vision…

Once upon a time, about 40 years ago, the world was a much easier place to live in. Many technologies that we today consider perfectly common were still in their childhood years. Some of them did not even exist. And yet you could not help but notice that the world of information & communication technologies had started to change. Slowly, but unavoidably. It was a dawn of a new age. Much more possibilities and capabilities had become obvious during the past two decades and the technology train that is nowadays darting ahead had just started to move. It was no longer feasible to develop solutions on one’s own…

And thus, with the market full of new opportunities, IBL Software Engineering was founded, offering a message switching system (called appropriately MSS), which faced the challenges in the world of meteorological telecommunications with a dramatic and revolutionary change in the quality, reliability and user friendliness as opposed to the software systems available at that time.

A very short time afterwards, we quickly realized that isolated solutions were not a long-term option, so we have spent the past years extending our portfolio to provide a complete set of fully compatible systems that a typical meteorological organization is likely to utilize: a message switching system (Moving Weather), a visualization software (Visual Weather), and a pilot briefing software (Aero Weather) for aeronautical authorities.

We have always spent a tremendous effort to customize all the provided systems to meet the exact needs of our customers. We listen to you. And we will never cease in the effort to provide you with the solution you need. We are the best, we know our business and we build on more than 40 years of experience. You can count on us.

The world is changing; nowadays much faster than in those old times. But we are confident that by utilizing all the benefits of modern technologies, such as object-oriented architecture, intuitive and user-friendly interface, perfect and unequaled portability or parallelized processing, we will continue to support you.

Herbert Lepper,

General Manager