Visual Weather

Visual Weather is a world-leading meteorological software for reception, processing, and graphical representation of meteorological data, monitoring of incoming messages and values, production of textual (TAFs, public forecasts) and graphical products (SWL, surface analysis, etc.), including tools for managing forecast roles and workflows, automatic generation of image products, and other functionalities for fulfilling the tasks of a meteorological service.

Visualisation without limits

Visual Weather provides unparalleled visualisation options: display any data in your preferred way, overlay it with other data and zoom in to any part of the world.

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Aviation made easy

Visual Weather provides the efficient and reliable tools that aviation meteorology requires and helps you issue the flight briefings, TAFs, warnings and SIGMETs easily and on time.

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Feature highlights

Make use of the advanced feature of Visual Weather: analyse observations automatically, modify the values in the forecast fields, compute your own forecast parameters, discover the new horizons provided by web services.

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Serve the public

Visual Weather will help you fulfill your main mission: provide quality weather forecast and timely alerts about dangerous weather for public and for sectors relying on meteorology.

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Integration and scalability

Visual Weather provides a perfectly scalable architecture that reflects the structure of your service, it can run on a variety of systems (Linux, Windows) and it can integrate all your data types from wide range of connections and data sources.

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Compliance to standards

Visual Weather fully complies to standards established by WMO and ICAO and  is ready to process all the latest data formats, including BUFR and IWXXM.

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… and so much more!

Weather alerts, measuring distances and movements, displaying trajectories, animations, statistical evaluation of forecast values in a selected area …. we could go on and on! If you are interested in finding out more, please contact for detailed technical specification or even better, for a live demonstration.

Visual Weather is designed as a meteorological workstation for forecasters, weather advisors, meteorological professionals and scientists and it can be used by meteorological offices, aviation authorities, or private companies which have different data types and different needs. For this reason, Visual Weather uses a module-based approach so that you can tailor the software to your specific needs and only pay for functionality that is useful for you. To put it simply: if you do not have radar data, you do not pay for the radar processing module.

Please, contact for description of modules and  the prices of basic package and individual modules.