Discover Weather – WMO Information System

Discover Weather first WMO Information System (WIS) solution available at the market. It has been developed in collaboration with Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) Germany and is operated at RA VI GISC Germany. Based on modern technologies and state of the art design, we are proud to deliver WIS solution already today.


Main features

  • fulfils all WIS requirements without using GeoNetwork or SIMDAT as sidekick
  • unified solution for GISC, DCPC and NC
  • flawless synchronization with other WIS nodes
  • multilingual web portal for end users
  • optimized metadata search index for product discovery
  • user friendly metadata editor to edit and create product descriptions
  • built on top of reliable message switching and file distribution system to effectively deliver the discovered products
  • ad hoc delivery as well as routine distribution of products
  • access rights management to deal with non-public data
  • integrated management of users and customers
  • product package definition based on metadata identifiers to organize the products
  • ready to be installed

Product discovery

  • multilingual web portal allows instant discovery of publicly available products even for non-registered users
  • several ways of search queries definition from simple ones to really complex ones to combine full-text search with geographic coordinates and time ranges
  • browsing the product catalogue by meteorological categories or by packages defined by data manager
  • discoverability of products from several data providers (DCPC) including on the fly generated products

Data retrieval

Discovered data can be directly downloaded from the web if the access policy for the product allows it. Registered users can also subscribe for discovered products to receive the data routinely in any of the usual ways – sent by SFTP,FTP, HTTP or e-mail. Parameters of the subscriptions and destinations can be managed by the user in the web portal.

Customer and user management

Some features such as metadata editing or subscription creation is available only to registered “customers” (legal entities) and their stuff – the registered users. Requests for registration are done inside of the user portal and are confirmed (or rejected) by the administrator in the administrator portal which runs as a separate web application for security reasons. The administrator has full control of access rights of the customers and users with relation to products publishing as well as products access.

Data flow monitoring and management

The data flow either ad hoc or routine can be monitored by the user them self to check for the amount of received data etc. In addition the administrator of the system can monitor the whole data flow and manage it because of the integration with the message switching and file distribution system.