Dear customers,

In these difficult times, you may be wondering how things are going here at IBL, and how COVID-19 influences our daily business and (perhaps most importantly for many of you) our obligations to provide you with support for our products.

Please, be assured that we take things very seriously and have been rolling out preventive measures to assure non-interrupted operations. Almost all our employees are now working remotely from home in order to enable them the highest level of personal health safety and will continue to work that way until the situation normalizes. Our infrastructure and everything needed for smooth operation (and cooperation) are fully accessible remotely. Relevant telephone numbers are redirected to reach the right persons. From your point of view, you may not even notice that anything is different on our side.

As the situation in the world is now evolving very rapidly and things may change from one day to the next, we will, of course, be adapting to whatever new challenges are there ahead of us. But please, be assured that we are perfectly able to operate effectively even if all of us are at home.

We will keep you informed if there is anything new. Until then, stay safe!

Michal Weis
Chief Executive Officer

Michal Weis

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