IBL Software Engineering Celebrates Successful Stratospheric Test Flight of BAE Prismatic’s PHASA-35

IBL Software Engineering is delighted to announce its significant contribution to the first successful stratospheric test flight of BAE Prismatic’s PHASA-35, a solar-powered Uncrewed Air System. This remarkable achievement was made possible through a collaborative effort with the Met Office, whose expert scientists and meteorologists provided crucial data and analysis.

The PHASA-35, developed and designed by Prismatic in Alton, Hampshire, has the wingspan of an airliner and is intended for surveillance and communications use. Remarkably, it has the capability to remain airborne for several months, potentially up to a year. The aircraft, which weighs just 150kg – equivalent to a standard motorbike, climbed above 66,000ft during the test flight. The high-altitude flight, which lasted 24 hours, took off from Spaceport America in New Mexico.

One of the major challenges faced during this project was the influence of weather, turbulence, icing, and small gusts on these extremely fragile and ultra-lightweight air vehicles. Even in areas known for clear skies and calm conditions, the take-off and recovery of these delicate aircraft can be challenging. IBL Software Engineering’s sophisticated software, provided as a managed service, played a pivotal role in overcoming these challenges, bringing to life the high-resolution forecast data provided by the Met Office. This collaboration was instrumental in the planning process, ensuring the successful execution of this groundbreaking voyage.

Source: BAE Systems Prismatic

Michal Weis, Chief Executive Director at IBL Software Engineering, expressed immense pride in the company’s involvement. “The successful stratospheric test flight of the PHASA-35 is a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation,” Michal said. “Our software, in conjunction with the Met Office’s expertise and high-resolution forecast data, provided an essential advantage in the planning and execution of this remarkable voyage.”

IBL’s innovative product, Online Weather, was crucial in visualizing the weather data and analysis for the PHASA-35 project and in making the weather data actionable for the flight operations team, seamlessly integrating with mission planning tools. Leveraging the expertise of Met Office science and technical specialists, the team was able to understand where and when the platform could be used around the world within the operating boundaries for future test and operational flights. This collaboration underscores IBL’s commitment to delivering high-quality, innovative solutions that drive the success of complex projects like the PHASA-35.

IBL Software Engineering looks forward to continued collaboration with the Met Office, BAE, and Prismatic on this innovative project. The company is gratified to see the added value delivered through this partnership and is eager to contribute to future successes, including Prismatic’s aim to break altitude records with more aircraft and continued flight trials.

Source: BAE Systems Prismatic PHASA-35 Flight Trial Vlog

For more information on the development of the PHASA-35 project, visit the Prismatic Website, where the Met Office continues to provide expert support and analysis.

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