Met Office appoint IBL to develop the future Visualisation and Graphical production system

  • October 10th, 2022
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  • Edita Filadelfiová

IBL Software Engineering, a leading meteorological software company, are pleased to announce that the Met Office (UK) have appointed them to develop and deliver a new software tool over the next 8 years. The Visualisation and Graphical production component will establish a new era of cooperation between the Met Office and IBL by creating innovative […]


You may be wondering how things are going here at IBL, and how COVID-19 influences our daily business and (perhaps most importantly for many of you) our obligations to provide you with support for our products.

Upper level cyclones merging process

It is quite typical for summer circulation over central Europe that there is fading of baroclinic westerly current of weather systems from the Atlantic ocean. Instead of it we experience isolated upper level cyclones. The animation below shows merging process of these features resulting into one large vortex with approximately 3000 km in diameter. One […]

Hurricane Irma

Hurricane Harvey will likely be the most expensive natural disaster in US history, but there is another threat on the way. Tropical cyclone named Irma is moving from west coast of Africa toward North America and is still strengthening. Up to Tuesday Sept 5th it has reached maximum intensity of category 5 with sustained winds […]