METDATA Monitor – Downloads

See the METDATA Monitor – Frequently Asked Questions here.

Upgrade procedure

If you have METDATA Monitor version 1.7.0 or newer, use automatic upgrade in program’s menu Maintenance -> System Update -> Proceed.

For older versions, please follow the detailed description of the upgrade procedure on the METDATA Monitor – Upgrading page.

Installation packages

Name Size Date Description
metdata-monitor-1.7.5-0-linux.jar 20352 kB 25-Jun-2020 Complete installation package for Linux
metdata-monitor-1.7.5-0-windows.jar 20674 kB 25-Jun-2020 Complete installation package for Windows


Name Size Date Description
METDATA manual v1.7.3 2392 kB 07- Feb-2012 Manual for METDATA monitoring
Release notes 9 kB 25-Jun-2020 Release Notes for METDATA Monitor software
README 2 kB 21-Sep-2007 METDATA Monitor installation notes
HOWTO Firebird 5 kB 23-Sep-2016 Custom Firebird installation notes