Aero Weather for SADIS

Our Special Offer

Aero Weather is the best value-for-money certified SADIS software. We are offering you the world’s most advanced, modern and efficient SADIS Workstation Software – for free for a limited evaluation period! We will provide you with an easy and understandable guidance on how to migrate to SADIS Secure FTP in a convenient and simple way.

Get Free Software

Contact us at to get your free software package. Install the software on your Windows computer.

Contact UKMO

Send an e-mail to UK Met Office to get your SADIS FTP password. If you are not a registered SADIS user and you don’t have an active FTP account, please visit the UK Met Office page for detailed descriptions on how to become a SADIS user.

Start Briefing

You are ready to go! Run the software and use it: you can instantly get access to the meteorological data and provide briefing documents to your customers.

Keep in mind: there is no commitment from your side if you just try the software. If you like the software you can contact us after the 1-month trial period to get your permanent license for Aero Weather –  the cheapest and most advanced SADIS Workstation on the market!



Industry-leading software for SADIS compliant with SADIS Secure FTP requirements and the latest ICAO amendments.


Highly efficient software instantly providing briefing documents with OPMET data, BUFR SIGWX and GRIB charts that can be directly printed or e-mailed.

Minimum Requirements

Software that can run on your standard Windows PC in a matter of minutes. It runs seamlessly with SADIS FTP, no special hardware needed, just Internet connection 128kBit or higher.

User Friendly

User friendly tool that can be used with minimal training. Online Help ensures instant access to documentation.

Standard Maps

OPMET, GRIB and BUFR SIGWX data can be instantly displayed as preconfigured maps that can be freely zoomed for more details.


Module-based software that can be easily extended by a large number of tools that take aviation forecasting to a higher level:  see Aero Weather features