Meet the needs of public and your customers

Your primary mission is to keep the citizens informed about the current or upcoming weather and possible dangerous threats and your public website can play a vital role in this.  Various industries also rely on accurate weather information that is delivered in a required form and manner. Visual Weather will make all this possible. 

Give your customers what they need

Customised forms are used to create the right end-products for your customers based on your exact specifications. Data from observations, NWP or other data sources can be automatically ingested. 

They can be transformed to the right output (HTML, PDF, XML, etc.) and automatically printed, uploaded to your website and delivered to the intended recipients – via AFTN, GTS, file upload, e-mail, SMS – you name it.

Automate your products
Visual Weather will generate and upload images to your web site automatically and smoothly: when the latest data arrives, all the required weather charts will be generated. All the required image generation can be defined easily via interface – no need to create complex configuration files or command lines.

Keep the public safe
Alert the public about dangerous weather: graphically edit weather hazard warnings (MeteoAlarm style). Visual Weather will create alert proposal based on NWP data and observations and the alerts can be edited using an interactive map divided into areas (counties, districts, etc). A variety of outputs is available, including CAP.