Support Engineer

Education and technical skills:

  • University or technical institute degree of 2nd level (Mgr., Ing. or equivalent) from a technical program is preferred
  • Excellent command of Linux shell and tools (file manipulation, text processing and filtering)
  • Very good command of spoken and written English
  • Fair knowledge of TCP/IP and higher level protocols such as SSH, DHCP, NFS, HTTP
  • Working knowledge of at least one of the following:
    • hardware installation (industry standard rack servers and equipment, cabling, server technologies)
    • high-availability clustering based on open-source technologies (DRBD, Pacemaker, RedHat Cluster or similar)
    • network applications based on open-source technologies (firewall, mailserver, fileserver, …)

Candidate advantages:

  • Computer training skills/experience
  • Experience with satellite technology (installing, designing and maintaining)
  • Business trip experience

Personal skills:

  • Team player: must be able to effectively communicate within entire IBL company: fellow supporters, developers, testers and management
  • Problem solving skills: some issues are straight-forward. Most require putting several pieces of information together
  • Positive approach to customers: not all customers are alike. We treat all with equal level of responsibility and professionalism
  • Attention to details: it’s what distinguishes good and great products
  • Interested in continuous learning: IBL software evolves at a rapid pace. We’re trying to keep up
  • Reliability and responsibility: we believe these to be key values of any professional engineer

Duties and responsibilities:

  • Provision of remote support for IBL customers with maintenance contract
  • Proposing solution or workaround of the problem; determining root cause of problem and carrying out corrective action
  • Cooperating with the developers, authors of the code, smart people with a lot to learn from who care about the customers
  • Remote deployment of hotfixes on customer systems
  • Remote update of IBL software on customer systems
  • Advising end users in using IBL products