Recode Weather

  • April 20th, 2017
  • News
  • Stanislava Pekná

We have rebranded one of our products that went by the (quite hard to pronounce) name of TDCFTAC when it was installed as a complement to the Moving Weather switching system (this is the name most of you have known it by) and by the name of BUFR Migration Tool when installed as a standalone product. The old name of TDCFTAC was conceived in the times when the only capability of this product had been to convert between the new TDCF forms (BUFR, CREX) and the traditional TAC forms of meteorological reports. Over the years, the TDCFTAC product has been taking on more and more responsibilities so this name, apart from not matching the common pattern of our product names (“XYZ Weather”), does not reflect the broader scope of the product any more. From now on then, the product will be known as Recode Weather. (Other than that, the change is purely cosmetic so the functionality of Recode Weather remains the same as that of TDCFTAC.)

Stanislava Pekná

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