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Talking Weather

Talking Weather is a scalable AVAS/ATIS/VOLMET system, creating multiple audio outputs from incoming data. It gives you a warranty of compliance to ICAO Annex 3, including the Amendment 73.

According to the source and the issue time of the reports, Talking Weather automatically synthesizes and plays the output to independent audio channels. The standard number of audio channels is four, but additional channels can be included. For each channel, the list of associated observing stations can be specified.

The composed message is transmitted in a text form to the destination where it is synthesized and converted into the voice. This allows for the delivery of the voice messages to virtually any distance. Each audio channel requires a bandwidth of approximately 24 kb/s to ensure the transfer of three channels over one ISDN leased line. It is also possible to use any other transport technology which is able to carry TCP sessions, for example local networks.

The voice output does not contain any pre-recorded samples. It is completely based on a state-of-art text-to-speech engine, which makes the system easily upgradeable and configurable. Users can define different pronunciations for different observing stations and channels. This feature enables to reconfigure the product when the METAR format changes, or when there is a need for a different pronunciation of some part of a report.

The list of observing stations associated with each channel can also be configured by user.

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