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Basic Information

All your data into one system

The uniqueness of Visual Weather is demonstrated by the variety of data it can handle without confusing the user with all the complexity. Every year Visual Weather provides support for various new meteorological formats. By reflecting the newest technologies, Visual Weather ranks as the world’s top meteorological visualization and processing system.

All together, without waiting!

The basic idea of creating map products is laying things together one over another. Orography, satellite, SYNOPs and SIGWX - give your ideas a form and refine it as you wish. Why wait for the results? Visual Weather will give you all this in real time. Do not be afraid of any limits; Visual Weather goes further than your imagination. Don’t just display satellite maps as images. Make them a real part of your map. This can take your products to new dimensions. MSG with all its channels and now-casting products is readily available.

Zoom in and see more details!

Visual Weather processes data in real time, it does not limit itself to displaying third-party images. You have a freedom of choice what you want to see and how. Choose your desired projection and the area of interest and let the data be reshaped for you. Everything will be instantly displayed on your screen. Any place on earth, any way you want.

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