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Are you ready for BUFR?

WMO Plan for Migration to TDCF, Geneva 2002:
“Operational exchange of the category 1 data (SYNOP/PILOT/TEMP/CLIMAT)
in TDCF (table-driven code forms) will begin in November 2005.”

TDCF/TAC Conversion Module
is what you are looking for!

The migration to Table Driven Code Forms (TDCF) is an important step your NWS should take in a near future. We know the glitches that might appear on you way to the New Millennium. And we also know a very convenient solution how to support your National Migration Plan in a clever and smooth way.

The TDCF/TAC Conversion is a transparent, fully-automated conversion module that will immediately help you resolve first-hand problems with developing your National Migration Plan. If you cannot, for any reason, change to Moving Weather, a modern switching system having a real support for the BUFR processing, we are proud to propose to you an alternative solution: BUFR processing as a stand-alone module.

WMO CompliantConforms to WMO standards

With the compliance to WMO ET-DRC templates on output, the backward compatibility on input, and with configurable formats you can be sure you are producing TDCF messages in accordance with the latest standard. The conversion module is easily upgradable by new templates.

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