T4 Cessation
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Aero Weather

WMO migration plan to BUFR.
Cessation of T4 charts by London and Washington WAFCs.
Electronic distribution of products directly to customers.

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“On July 1st 2005 the World Area Forecast Centres (WAFC) in London and Washington will cease the distribution of significant weather (SIGWX) and wind and temperature charts in T.4 facsimile format. After this date the charts will only be available in BUFR and GRIB-encoded data, respectively. Users will therefore need…”

Aero Weather is an innovative pilot briefing system determined by requirements of aviation forecasters as well as pilots. It unifies the complexity of the forecasting process with the simplicity of its usage, suiting daily forecasting needs of both civil and military airport meteorological services.

As a part of your meteorological communication infrastructure, Aero Weather is compliant with all applicable WMO standards and ICAO Annex 3 including Amendment 73 to ICAO Annex 3. It is designed to maximize the effectiveness and quality of the operational forecasting for the aviation.

There is no need for you to worry about the diversity of data sources and formats just concentrate on the main point doing the forecast for a flight.

You would never imagine how simple this process can be with Aero Weather. More than that: you can enjoy the increased quality, taking advantage of the latest WAFS formats in BUFR and GRIB.

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