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"No meteorological office is an island, entire of itself."

The integration of all meteorological data processing systems is crucial for the effective operation. With IBL product portfolio the integration efforts are hugely diminished as our systems are designed to closely cooperate to provide the desired synergy.

Data visualisation: Visual Weather

  • meteorological real time visualisation system
  • fully compliant with WMO & ICAO
  • perfectly covers forecasting and scientific needs
  • supports BUFR, GRIB and GRIB2
  • easily operates with multiple NWP models and plenty of observation formats
  • user definable calculations over NWP and/or observed data
  • layered approach to map products
  • powerful client-server architecture and multi-user support

Data distribution: Moving Weather

  • automatic message switching system
  • fully compliant with WMO & ICAO
  • automatic TDCF/TAC conversion
  • store & forward principle
  • compilation of new information
  • distributes non-WMO products
  • powerful and reliable
  • highly intuitive interface

WMO Information System (WIS): Discover Weather

  • fulfils all WIS requirements without using GeoNetwork or SIMDAT as sidekick
  • unified solution for GISC, DCPC and NC
  • flawless synchronization with other WIS nodes
  • user friendly WMO Core Metadata editor to edit and create product descriptions
  • optimized metadata search index for product discovery
  • ad hoc delivery as well as routine distribution of products
  • product package definition based on metadata identifiers to organize the products
  • ready to be installed

Pilot briefing: Aero Weather

  • pilot flight briefing system
  • fully compliant with WMO & ICAO
  • delivers meteorological information
    in ready-to-fly form
  • highly intuitive and ergonomic interface
  • web portal interface

Migration to BUFR: TDCF/TAC Migration

  • stand-alone module for Migration to TDCF
  • automatic transparent TDCF/TAC conversion
  • handles both BUFR and CREX on input and output
  • compilation of BUFR/CREX bulletins
  • utilizes latest WMO ET-DRC templates
  • allows to run legacy systems without change
  • no user interaction needed

WMO Monitoring: METDATA Monitor

  • GTS monitoring tool officially supported by WMO
  • fully compliant with WMO requirements
  • supports AGM, SAM and IWM monitorings
  • automatic configuration update from the WMO site
  • portable solution based on the Java platform
  • designed for the world-wide use

Weather portal: Online Weather

  • automatic publishing of meteorological data on WWW
  • incorporates newest web presentation technologies
  • decodes observations and forecasts
  • generates meteorological charts
  • for enterprise security supports web servers in DMZ or at an ISP (using encrypted SQL connections)
  • look and feel built exactly according to the customer’s expectations

ATIS/VOLMET broadcast: Talking Weather

  • fully computer-based ATIS/AVAS/VOLMET broadcasting system
  • computer-generated voice samples synthesized in top quality
  • unlimited number of broadcasting channels
  • easily extensible to new formats thanks to independent decoding and translation rules
  • supports both TAC and TDCF codes

MSG Receiver: Satellite Weather

  • satellite receiving system for Meteosat Second Generation
  • decodes and transforms satellite imagery from both HRIT and LRIT
  • creates multi-channel spectral composites
  • suitable for integration with visualization systems

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