Software Developer C++/Python

Required skills:

  • C++ on advanced level (standard library, Boost, templates, exceptions). Knowledge of Python is an advantage. If you are a really good programmer who does not use C++ you can still apply for the job if you are willing to learn C++ on a very good level
  • Experience with software development in a team on a real project for a company, organization, open source project or hobby project
  • Open mind and willingness to learn new areas and technologies because meteorology is quite different
  • We are looking for people interested in long term employment only
  • English language on at least intermediate level

Candidate advantages:

  • Understanding time/space complexity of algorithms
  • An idea of real world problems with CPU/memory/network
  • Creativity in devising new algorithms
  • Creating GUI with Qt
  • Basic knowledge of analytical geometry and numerical computations
  • Willingness to travel to foreign countries

Technologies used in our company:

We use C++ and Python to write most of our software but we also have projects in Java, Java Script and Action Script. Bash shell scripts are used to a limited degree as well as other tools like XSLT for specific use cases. We are open to whatever platforms and technologies that will make us more efficient. We use plenty of helper systems to make our work easier: version control systems (Git), automated cross compiled builds, continuous integration (Atlassian Bamboo), issue tracking (JIRA), Wiki (Confluence) and others.

You can meet incredibly smart people in our company and you’ll learn a lot from them. As a software developer, you sometimes need to back up our customer support guys, so you have to be witty and resourceful to help fix the bugs that have appeared in the operating environment. Keep in mind: we actually solve the problems, not just shove them beneath the carpet so that they backfire at the most inappropriate moment later.