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Numeric Weather

Numeric Weather is a complete solution for Numerical Weather Prediction system and is a combination of:

  • high performance computing with
  • state of the art local area numeric weather prediction (NWP) models
The complete solution includes also necessary training, customization and maintenance.

Numeric Weather software

OS platform:

  • Linux
Numerical Models:
  • COSMO non-hydrostatic, resolution up to 2.8 km by DWD/COSMO Consortium
  • WRF - non-hydrostatic Weather Research&Forecasting Model by NCAR, NCEP, FSL, AFWA, FAA.
  • WAMS - Wave model by GKSS
  • WAVEWATCH III Wave model by NOAA

Numeric Weather High Performance Computer


Numeric Weather High Performance Computer

  • Hardware scalable from off-the-shelf basic system to customized high performance cluster (HPC)
  • Latest developments in hardware allow to build an affordable NWP system by using stock parts
  • Brings the possibility to calculate your own simple NWP model
An entry 4-way system for testing purposes
  • 4 x Intel/AMD CPU, 12 cores each
  • 64 GB RAM
  • 6 x 2TB SATA disks
Professional HPC cluster for example with 72 computing nodes
  • 72 Twin Nodes (2 nodes in one enclosure)
  • Xeon E5620 2.4GHz (Quad Core) / 8GB RAM per node
  • InfiniBand Quad Data Rate (40Gb/s) interconnect
  • Remote management and monitoring, KVM over IP
Front-end node
  • Used as boot server and management of compute nodes
  • Xeon E5620 / 8GB RAM / 2x 1TB disk in RAID-1
  • KVM over IP
  • Remote management module
  • 144 port InfiniBand switch
  • 144 port Gigabit Ethernet switch
  • Switched rack PDU to power-cycle nodes
Storage subsystem: 15 storage servers
  • Each server is equipped with 12 or 24 1TB disks in RAID-6 configuration
  • Protects against failure of 2 disks at the same time
  • 2 hot-spare drives
  • Usable capacity is 8TB (12 disks) or 20TB (24 disks)
  • InfiniBand or FibreChannel 40Gb/s interconnect

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