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Technical Specifications
Category Description
Operating System •  for Talking Weather Server: Solaris®, Linux, Unix
•  for Talking Weather Broadcast Client: micro distribution of Linux
System Requirements For Talking Weather Server:
  •  Petium 3 1 GHz
  •  256 MB RAM
  •  10 GB harddisk
  •  dual-system cluster is recommended for high availability solutions

For Talking Weather Broadcast Client (optional for remote-broadcasting):
  •  Intel 386 compatible processor with at least 200MHz
  •  32 MB RAM
  •  64 MB harddisk (including Compact Flash(TM) or Microdrives(TM)
  •  Sound Card (supported by Linux)
  •  10/100BaseT Ethernet plug or ISDN modem or any other connection providing TCP/IP (supported by Linux)

AM/FM voice radio broadcasting equipment connectable to PC audio jack
Compliance •  ICAO Annex 3 (incl. Amendment 73)
•  WMO Manual No. 306 (Manual on Codes)
Connection types •  all kinds of TCP/IP, asynchronous, file-exchange based and FTP channels
Main Functions •  automatic reception of text coded reports (TAC) as well as BUFR reports (TDCF)
•  automatic configurable translation of coded messages into human readable text form of both TAC and TDCF
•  automatic computer-based synthesis of text into voice form
•  AM/FM radio transmission of voice
Input formats •  any text-coded reports or other text advisories (METAR, TAF, SPECI, SIGMET, GAMET, warnings, etc)
•  BUFR/CREX coded reports (e.g. METAR)
Output formats •  Airport radio broadcast
•  WAV or MP3

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